Thursday 21 May 2015

Functional Integration Standard (FDI) for introduction!

The FieldComm Group, formed by combining all assets of the former Fieldbus Foundation and Hart Communication Foundation and dedicated to the integration of intelligent devices in process automation facilities worldwide, announced the first live publically viewable display of functioning FDI Package IDE (development tools) and FDI Common Host Components at this year’s ACHEMA trade fair in Frankfurt (D), from June 15-19th.

As the organisation responsible for delivering and maintaining the tools of this new standard on behalf of the participating industry partners of FDI Cooperation, LLC, (FieldComm Group, FDT Group, OPC Foundation and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International), FieldComm Group is proud to introduce these tools publically for the first time to the market.

Located in Hall 11.0, booth E43, the booth will display not only these new cutting edge development tools for Field Device Integration (FDI) but also FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus and HART® technologies on a massive Technology Wall designed to demonstrate how the Group is ‘connecting the world of process automation’ through a full portfolio of solutions that connect and integrate valuable digital data from intelligent field devices. The multi-vendor display includes nearly 40 leading suppliers and over 70 devices integrated into both new and current systems that provide valuable device and process information leading to improved plant performance.

With the availability of these new development tools for FDI, process automation suppliers and developers can now efficiently implement and test FDI Device Packages for FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART and PROFIBUS®. In addition, they may also use the FDI Common Host Components to build FDI compatible host systems to ensure full integration and consistency of the FDI standard within device management tools, asset management tools and process interface systems.

The FieldComm Group will welcome all attendees of the fair to visit booth E43 in Hall 11.0 to view the FDI Tools on display that showcase the implementation of FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART, and PROFIBUS Device Packages in a single development environment utilizing the FDI standard. Visitors will understand how FDI eases development requirements for device and host system suppliers alike while providing plant operators safe, reliable integration by using a single system file, FDI Device Package, for plant systems.

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