Thursday 14 May 2015

Securing the edge!

Edge On Up (EOU), a manufacturer of precision instrumentation for edge sharpness measurement, has introduced the EST-ID50 Edge Sharpness Tester for a wide range of industrial applications. This economical and robust instrument follows on the heels of EOU's highly successful line of edge sharpness testers used worldwide by woodworkers, professional sharpening services, and knife and scissor manufacturers.

The EST-ID50 Edge Sharpness Tester is the first device of its kind for determining the sharpness of a cutting edge based on a universal measurement scale. The tester measures the amount of pressure, expressed in grams of weight, required to sever a certified test media. The primary instrument requires no power source and no electronic sensor elements. The ID50 is a pure edge sharpness analyzer with measurement results unaffected by blade angle, shape or geometry. The system includes a weigh scale with personal computer (PC) communication capability built in so results may be logged and data entered into an Windows® Excel® spreadsheet or other custom program. The system can be operated either with or independently of the PC.
The EST-ID50 enables users of slicing, cutting, chopping and shearing equipment to both test and quantify the sharpness levels of the blades utilized in their new, used or re-sharpened condition. Optimization of blade sharpness levels is paramount to both machine operating efficiency and product quality. The ID50 will accurately measure a diverse size and type of sharpened cutting edge ranging from surgical scalpels to axe bits.

Measurements with the EST-ID50 are based on the Brubacher Edge Sharpness Scale (BESS©), the world's only quantifiable standard for blade sharpness. The lower end of the scale (0) is based on the commonly recognized sharpness of a double edge (DE) razor blade, which requires 50 grams of weight (pressure) to sever a BESS-certified test media. The high end of the scale (2000) corresponds to the media sever point when measuring an unsharpened DE blade blank. Each unit of edge sharpness measurement represents one gram of pressure. The EST instrument is guaranteed to produce repeatable measurement results better than 0.5 percent of scale (± 10 grams of pressure).

Edge On Up Vice President of Design Bradley White said, "While the EST-ID50 will precisely determine the current sharpness of an edge using a format that is readily understood and relatable, the greatest value of this instrument is its ability to teach cause and effect relative to sharpening technique, angle, various types and grits of sharpening/honing medium, stropping/steeling methods and materials, and wire edge detection."

White added, "Industrial engineers can now specify and easily communicate the initial sharpness level of cutting blades and edges, as well as the replacement or re-sharpening level of those edges in a quantitative manner."

The EST-ID50 Edge Sharpness Tester can accommodate virtually any size or configuration of cutting blade. It will measure sharpened edges 0.5 inch to 8.0 inches in height and 0.004 inch (i.e., DE razor blade) to 1.0 inch in thickness. The length of the blade may be infinite as long as additional support is provided. Sharpness measurements are unaffected by blade angle, shape or geometry. The instrument takes sharpness data measurements at a single point, allowing the user to isolate areas of concern or interest. It also incorporates an adjustable arm to change position of the measurement head relative to the blade.

The EST-ID50 Edge Sharpness Tester is very simple and intuitive to operate. The user simply adds weight to its piston platen until the test media severs, and then weighs the result on a gram scale. Additional weight may be included in small increments or all at once. There are no other costs associated with the measurement process, no parts needing replacement through normal use, and no routine maintenance requirements.

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