Tuesday 5 May 2015

Motors deliver efficiency & cost savings!

One of the world’s leading compressor manufacturers, Mattei, is now incorporating Emerson Industrial Automation Leroy Somer IE3 electrical motors in all of its compressors rated between 18 and 110 kW. The move was driven by the introduction of phase two of the EU´s IE3 efficiency level legislation for electric motors in Europe.

Mattei specialises in rotary vane compressors, rather than conventional screw type models. Vane compressors are optimised for intense use, typically 24 hours a day, hence the requirement for a robust motor that delivers better and higher performances, as well as reduced energy consumption.

Having worked with Emerson for around 30 years, Mattei knew the company offered extensive knowledge of international legislation, as well as high quality and reliable efficiency solutions.

The new deal sees Emerson supplying around 600 motors per year, which will ensure Mattei’s compressors conform to the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS).

The first phase of the MEPS scheme (efficiency level IE2) was implemented in June 2011, and has now been followed by efficiency level IE3. Specifically, single-speed, three-phase induction motors with a rated output from 7.5 to 375 kW must now meet the IE3 efficiency level. The good news for end users is that more efficient motors offer the potential for significant savings in running costs.

To meet the new IE3 efficiency legislation, Emerson has redesigned its motors to offer a greater reduction in losses than IE2 variants. The benefit for end users is a considerable reduction in running costs over the lifecycle of the IE3 efficiency motor, along with lower carbon emissions.

When choosing a supplier for its range of air compressors, Mattei says that although it takes into
consideration the quality and price of the motors offered, it also assesses the market’s perception of the brand. If it’s a well-established brand then the company is reassured about the quality of the components being sold. Furthermore, Mattei says that another significant advantage of using Emerson is that its motors can be customised to better meet assembly requirements.

• Mattei produces around 6500 compressors every year, ranging from very small (1.5 to 18 kW) to very large (110 to 250 kW). Emerson supplies Mattei with IE3 motors for the mid-range between 37 and 110 kW, which equates around 40/50 per month.
Beyond Italy, Mattei has a direct presence in France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Russia, China and the USA, while it operates in other countries through resellers and distributors, making it a truly global enterprise.

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