Wednesday 6 May 2015

Ultra-high reliability keyboard switch for HMI.

The CHERRY MX keymodule has been designed to fulfill the demanding reliability requirements of computer and data input keyboards, gaming consoles and industrial control HMI systems. Key features include a high reliability long operating life mechanical switch with gold crosspoint contacts and a fast and positive actuation. Standard options include integrated LED illumination, decoupling diode or wire bridge and a 4 mm actuation travel.

The MX switch range provides a single-pole contact rated at 12VDC with durability of 50 million operations and a range of actuation types, travels and pressures. Standard actuation is linear with a pressure point click and travel 3.0–0.5mm with an initial force 25cN min. Standard contact lead spacing is 19.05mm with snap-in frame fastening or PCB solder pins. LED illumination is available in red, green or yellow.

How MX Technology Changed the World! 
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The keyboard switch is rated to IP40 and has an operating temperature of -40 to +70°C and can operate with up to 95% non-condensing humidity. Insulation materials are formed from UL 94 HB thermoplastics.

For low profile applications the CHERRY ML keymodule offers reliability 20 Million operations with the same electrical and environmental specifications as the MX and an actuator travel of 3.0-0.5mm, nominal 18mm lead spacing for PCB mounting only

In addition to being available to OEM’s as individual switches the MX keymodule is available in a number of standard and compact keyboard designs from Cherry with options including magnetic card reader and chip card reader. Cherry ML keyswitches are available in standard compact keyboard designs.

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