Thursday 21 May 2015

Ultra-flexible LCD touch displays.

Varitronix has announced the availability of a new range of Ultra-Flexible LCD Displays. The displays accept a curve with a radius as tight as 12.5cm, and currently can be manufactured in small sizes, similar to that of a credit card.

The flexibility is due to the innovative manufacturing process that Varitronix uses – the thickness is just 0.56mm. This extremely thin design also makes the displays very light. Varitronix claims that providing the curvature specifications are not exceeded, the displays are virtually unbreakable.

The Ultra-Flexible LCD Displays use Segmented Monochrome TN technology and have In-Cell touch capabilities. The displays have a wide operating temperature range of -10C to +60C, with a typical supply voltage of 5V.

Display modes include Transmissive; Transflective; and Reflective and the inter-connection method is via heat seal FPC bonding.

With international certifications including ISO 9001 for general quality management and ISO/TS 16949 for quality management of automotive products, the new range of Ultra-Flexible LCD Touch Displays are manufactured to very high quality standards, providing durability and long-life.

Varitronix is a worldwide, technology-led company with design and  manufacturing based in Hong Kong and China, and these Ultra-Flexible LCD Touch Displays are a very affordable option for designers worldwide.

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