Thursday 14 May 2015

PLC paper wins award at Italian event!

Itris Automation, provider of innovative software solutions for the automation industry, was rewarded during the opening ceremony of SPS IPC Drives in Parma (I) for the excellence of their concept of Software Factory.

This first participation of Itris Automation as exhibitor at the largest Italian fair in the sector of industrial automation is already a huge success for the company, which has just announced the development of its activities in Italy.

The article presented by Itris Automation at the round table dedicated to Automation 4.0 was considered the most successful and inspiring and that was among another hundred of contributions during the conference.

This price constitutes the recognition of the relevance of Itris Automation’s approach by experts represented by more than 30 companies and prestigious Italian universities. Itris Automation’s paper proposes in fact to industrialise the development of programs for logic controllers in order to make the factory of the future more efficient. This approach is made possible by Itris Automation’s range of tools for quality verification (PLC Checker), automatic translation (PLC Converter) and the generation of documentation (PLC DocGen).

Denis Chalon, Technical Director at Itris Automation and co-author of the decorated paper explains: "The programmers of logic controllers play a crucial role in the dispersion of programming techniques in the industrial world. By supporting them with our tools throughout the whole life cycle of the installations, we are enabling industrial innovation that is flexible, productive and shared by all."

Eric Pierrel, President of Itris Automation, added: "This award recognises the outstanding effort of our teams. The fact, that the committee is composed of industrial experts confirms our vision. After the first commercial and technical successes in Italy, we are encouraged to emphasise on our presence and to advance in our international development."

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