Friday 15 May 2015

Chilled-water close control unit for datacentres!

Magister CW by CIAT is a vertical chilled-water close control unit specially designed to meet the requirements of data centres, computer rooms, switchboard rooms, electrical equipment rooms and other rooms with high thermal loads. Magister CW is 25% more energy efficient than previous versions and uses 20% less power than other models on the market, which amounts to savings of up to €5000 each year! Magister CW is available in five models with capacities ranging from 10 to 130 kW.

Such energy performance is made possible by Magister CW's highly optimised fan motor assemblies, which consist of centrifugal plug fans (for enhanced air handling efficiency) associated with EC motors (for optimum energy efficiency).

The unit uses CIAT's microRC2 controller to self-adjust its operation on both the water and the air circuits. The automatic controller adjusts the fan speed according to the thermal loads of the room and uses a 0-10V signal to control the valve and finely adjust the unit's operation to required levels. An optional enthalpic free cooling module can be added which allows fresh outdoor air to be drawn into computer rooms when their internal temperature and humidity levels reach a certain threshold.

Data centre applications require the very highest levels of reliability. The entire Magister CW range is built with 25 mm double-skin construction and features M0 fire insulation (Euroclasse A1). Optional redundancy functions can be installed to interconnect up to 10 units so that, in the event that one unit fails, the others will automatically take over. Thanks to the RS485 Modbus board, the smallest malfunctions (fan motor assembly, humidifier, abnormal variations in input power, etc.) are detected in real time and relayed as alarms to the supervision system.

It is designed to facilitate maintenance. All its compartments are accessed via hinged doors on the front panel, the fan and motor are directly coupled, and the filtration system is fitted on a mount for easier handling.

Furthermore, Magister CW is 20% smaller than previous models. In order to achieve the highest efficiency with chillers and operate longer in free cooling mode, the water and air temperature ranges in data centre applications are increasingly higher. The Magister CW fan is therefore more powerful and delivers higher air flows. As a result, it delivers more power for the same footprint.

This unit is part of CIAT's CIATRONIC System data centres offer. It combines chilled water production, free cooling and air diffusion. The speed variation of the EC motors, associated with the flexibility offered by water, provides a perfect solution for the changing requirements in data centres. CIAT's solutions constantly adapt to the needs of Tier 4 data centres, be they changes in their classification, changes in their thermal loads over time or needs for modularity.

Their CIATRONIC System includes its AQUACIAT POWER chillers, Opera dry coolers, the Cristopia thermal energy storage system, ITEX plate heat exchangers to isolate the secondary network, the solution for direct free cooling with the Airtech air handling unit, and Magister precision close control units.

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