Wednesday 13 May 2015

Scalable fiscal metering control system!

Emerson’s Daniel DanPac Express process acquisition control solution deploys rapidly at oil and gas flow metering installations and offers a user-friendly interface to simplify operation

The Daniel Process Acquisition Controller (DanPac) family has been expanded by Emerson to provide a cost-effective measurement and control solution for both fiscal and non-fiscal oil and gas metering applications. With its simplified yet scalable architecture, the new DanPac Express system reduces complexity and initial investment while streamlining future expansions. A complete set of high performance software tools provide visibility to skid systems to reduce measurement uncertainty and facilitate local and remote monitoring.

A robust and easy-to-use software platform maximises uptime and system reliability by giving operators real-time access to critical metering information. Key software features include a powerful fiscal reporting package that combines all key metering parameters to streamline audit trail requirements, a user-friendly operator interface that provides visibility to alarms and events and facilitates access to system data, and an integrated historical trending capability that simplifies customisation of report content and layouts.

Designed for rapid deployment in both green and brown fields, the DanPac Express system is engineered to seamlessly interface with Emerson technologies as well as many third party devices and protocols.  With a simple drag-and-drop configuration process that doesn’t require custom programming, operators benefit from reduced testing, documentation and engineering efforts for quick configuration and commissioning of any metering installation.

“With DanPac, Emerson has been taking a leading role in responding to customer needs for a standardised metering control solution and replaced a long-standing industry approach that relied largely on generic HMI being custom built in metering solutions that were expensive to structure and support.” said Steve Colella, vice president and general manager of Emerson’s Daniel global metering systems business. “Today, with the introduction of DanPac Express, we address the industry’s need for a more economical metering HMI solution, especially for pipeline and floating production with limited space where full logic controls are not required.”

DanPac Express also protects the operator’s process and assets against evolving cyber security threats. The platform takes a holistic approach to security, implementing a series of protective layers to mitigate hacker intrusions yet retain flexibility and usability. This defence-in-depth methodology provides a robust and integrated set of information assurance measures and actions to prevent both physical and non-physical attacks. At the same time, the DanPac Express is designed to accommodate the operator’s unique security policies, creating a cost-effective system security solution while ensuring operational integrity and system availability.

Built on the proven platform of the standard DanPac Measurement and Control System, the compact hardware configuration of the DanPac Express system brings the primary elements of advanced measurement and control together in one single bay panel, including Daniel S600+ Flow Computers and Ethernet switches.

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