Friday 22 May 2015

Large diameter pneumatic cylinders.

Festo has launched a new series of efficient, durable and technically advanced large diameter ISO cylinders. The cost-effective DSBG series is the lightest diameter cylinder in its class, weighing 20% less than its predecessor, and enables machine builders and engineers to optimise their systems for increased process efficiencies.

With heat-resistance up to 150°C and ATEX certificated variants available, the DSBG is extremely flexible in use, delivering excellent performance even in harsh conditions. The cylinders are available in four sizes, 160, 200, 250 and 320 mm making them ideal for mining, steel industry and process automation applications.

The DSBG series is available with fixed elastomer or adjustable air (P or PPV) cushioning as standard. With the P cushioning option an elastomer cushioning ring absorbs low-level impact energy and reduces noise and vibration. Even with the elastomer cushion, the DSBG is very precise in its end positions. The rubber component becomes fully compressed between 3 and 4 bar, and the piston achieves repeatable metal-to-metal contact. At higher energy levels, P cushioning is supplemented with additional adjustable pneumatic PPV cushioning. With optimised cushioning air flows the piston achieves gradual deceleration for a smoother, shock and vibration free operation.

“With a stronger design the DSBG series offers improved protection against overpressure, easier handling and increased operating efficiency,” says Steve Sands, product manager at Festo. “The DSBG is a highly versatile cylinder and with its matching proximity sensors, mountings and a complete selection of pneumatic connection technology available, we are able to offer a complete robust solution.”

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