Thursday 2 September 2010

Tempearture Calibrators upgraded

In a relaunch and upgrading of their CS series calibration sources, the new enhanced range from Eurolec comprises of three dry block “black body” sources for calibration with a temperature control system and a pocket for a reference thermometer. A selection of probe holes at the rear provides options for contact/probe thermometer accuracy checking and the ‘black body’ at the front provides a means of checking infrared non-contact thermometers. Model CS173 features a range of +30.0 to +199.0°C and models CS174 & CS175 feature a range of 40.0°C below ambient (approx. -20°C) to +85.0°C.

In addition, all models feature a 2 position Precision Accuracy Check (PAC) function where at the touch of a switch, the accuracy of the unit is confirmed at 2 preset points. All models also include an RS232 output socket – USB output is an option. Model CS175 features0.01C resolution and± 0.05C accuracy. For precision accuracy checking over an extended range, precision reference thermometers RT162 or PC Temp RT2 kits with 0.01C resolution are recommended. These thermometer kits are supplied complete with a System Calibration Certificate traceable to UKAS.

These innovative units avoid the inconvenience and time lost due to external calibration; are quick and easy to use and will provide considerable cost savings when compared with external or contracted on-site temperature calibration.

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