Friday 24 September 2010

Outdoor enclosures

Simple selection guide for complex outdoor solutions

Different applications demand different solutions and Rittal has released a new easy-to-read 16 page brochure to help clients choose the right outdoor enclosure for their application.

Containing a selection guide covering single and double walled free standing and wall (or pole) mounting enclosures in aluminium and stainless steel, the guide also gives details of “built-in” and “add-on” vandal resistance and noise reduction options for sites in residential environments, as well as the multiplicity of cooling preferences available.

The brochure includes details of cabinets used in a variety of industries, including energy, water, telemetry, rail and road traffic and telecoms together with applications as diverse as wind power, line monitoring, flood prevention, signal light controls, information systems and FTTx.

Details of the material choices, structure and extensive internal mounting options, EMC shielding and weather resistance for locating enclosures in the harshest of situations, including mountainous, coastal, desert and polar are included in the brochure.

Not only assisting in the design and selection of the best materials and cooling solution for the enclosure application, Rittal also provides an after sales service which includes full maintenance of the cooling system with its extended service intervals, due to the high technology nano-coating applied to the metal parts of the thermal interface.

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