Monday 13 September 2010

New book simplifies cascade control

“Mastering Cascade Control” is a new book released by PIDTutor. It is designed to help technicians and engineers to implement and troubleshoot split-range control applications.

Cascade control uses two controllers with a single control valve to provide faster, more accurate control response to upsets.It can be used for many different applications, such as heat exchangers, tank levels, and distillation column control. Cascade control is widely used in the process industries, such as pulp and paper, oil and petrochemicals, and mining.

George Buckbee, President of PIDTutor, and author of the book, says: "I have spent most of my career in manufacturing plants. This is a practical book for plant technicians and engineers, using straightforward rules and guidelines, without the complex math."
“Mastering Cascade Control” covers all aspects of the use of cascade control. Starting with the basics, the book discusses when to use cascade and when to avoid it, costs and benefits of cascade, how to configure the control strategy, how to commission the system, tune the loops, and even how to train operators and troubleshoot problems. Color illustrations simplify the key concepts.

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