Tuesday 21 September 2010

Reagent recycling scheme awards ‘green’ companies

In recognition of their outstanding commitment to recycling, HACH LANGE has awarded two companies with silver bars made from recycled chemical test reagents.

HACH LANGE manufacturers pre-prepared chemical test reagents that significantly improve the accuracy and simplicity of water testing.

The company’s Recycling Centre in Germany facilitates recovery of toxic materials from reagent tubes including Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) cuvettes from which Mercury, Silver and Chromium are recovered. Over 70% of returned materials are either re-used or recycled.

Customers are encouraged to recycle used HACH LANGE reagents, and to recognise the recycling achievements of two customers; Scottish Water and NWL Scientific Services, HACH LANGE has presented them with a special award.

Paul Burton, Environmental Laboratory Manager at NWL Scientific Services, said: "As a company we recycle as much as we possibly can and ensure that all used reagents are disposed of as ethically as possible. This is why we fully support HACH LANGE’s recycling initiative and gratefully receive the award for our own efforts."
David McMullan of Scottish Water added: "It is a key company ethic of ours to be as environmentally-friendly as possible and so it was a natural choice to become involved in HACH LANGE’s scheme for recycled COD reagents. We are very pleased to have received this award and would urge other firms within the water industry to adopt similar recycling policies."

Thousands of cuvette tests are used every day to analyse the contents of liquids in industries such as water, wastewater, manufacturing, food, beverage and power. HACH LANGE’s recycling service helps companies comply with waste management regulations and improve environmental performance and has recently been commended at The German Sustainability Awards in the Most Sustainable Products and Supply of Services category.

Martin Small, from HACH LANGE’s Laboratory Team added: “The recycling service has proved extremely popular and we are delighted that high-profile customers are leading the way for others to follow.”

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