Thursday 9 September 2010

Automation programming standard course

CoDeSys V3 training comes to Britain

In the automation industry, proprietary programming languages are widely used. But, to protect investment in product and infrastructure, reduce cost in maintenance, and make workforce skills sustainable and transferable, compliance to international or open standards is the key. IEC61131-3 is such an open international standard for automation programming and CoDeSys is a widely used system that fully utilises many functions of IEC61131.

CoDeSys Version 3, released in 2006, has set a new standard in object-oriented programming for automation tasks. The following are some of the highlights compared to the widely-applied Version 2.3:
  • Programming of complete PLC networks including multiple PLCs or controllers within one single project
  • Modularisation of the development system in components with separated versions or user defined versions
  • Visualisation can be easily extended to new client PCs
  • No longer a development system but an open automation engineering platform suitable for extensions and integration of other solutions
CoDeSys V3 Basic is a 3-day training programme, developed and run by the German company, 3S Smart Software Solutions. The course is presented by 3S at MMU's Automation Systems Centre 27 to 29th October.

The course is for everyone who wants to know modern PLC programming. No prior knowledge of CoDeSys V2.3 or other PLC programming skills are required. As an introductory offer the course is priced at just £450 and booking may be made through administration at Profibus UK.

What wikipedia says about CoDeSys!

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