Friday 3 September 2010

Safe lights

STAHL's new safety features wins order.

Douglas Control & Automation has won a large order for STAHL's New Emergency Light Fittings which have additional safety features.

They have recently supplied over 350 STAHL lights to a Cork (IRL) based Pharmaceutical company, who are replacing all existing emergency fittings in their Zone 1 production buildings.

While price is a factor in projects of this size, Declan Lordan of Douglas Control & Automation said "The new safety feature, which lights the second tube if the first tube fails to start during an emergency was another important reason why STAHL fittings were selected. This increases it reliability and reduces the urgency to change a failed tube in the fitting."

Douglas has an agreement with STAHL, whose products the distribute in Ireland, to offer a limited quantity of special priced fittings to companies wishing to install and evaluate these new 6008 range of light fittings.

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