Friday 24 September 2010

Real time simulation platform

A&D Instruments Ltd have released a new range of hardware and software test solutions for dynamic automotive measurement and modelling. Procyon is a 32 core ultra-high-performance simulation and control platform.

Procyon is their next generation of high-speed real-time simulation and control platform that meets the demands of the Automotive and Engineering solution providers for running large, complex simulations in real-time. The open and configurable system architecture supports multiple CPU’s with multiple cores and user-programmable FPGA’s, as well as Hyper Transport, PCI Express and conventional PCI interconnections.

The Procyon gives advanced processing technology. Its features include:
  • Multi-core and multi-CPU support (up to 32-core with 8 AMD Opterons)
  • Direct connection of I/O interface to CPU
  • Real-time application development environment with
  • MATLAB/Simulink and Virtual Console
  • Open system specification enables third-party I/O board development
  • Flexible system configuration
Phil Hopper, A&D’s Business Development Manager said of the release ‘We are very excited about this step into the UK market; we have had great success globally with our products and have developed unique and powerful solutions unmatched by other suppliers. We have already had considerable interest in our solutions specifically developed for Hybrid Vehicle and Battery test development and we are looking forward to market feedback for all our products.’

A&D Instruments are a leader in the development of test, measurement, monitoring and control solutions across the world with over 30 years experience in this specialist field, the release of their integrated product suite forms part of a strategic plan to raise the profile of their existing extensive range of solutions in Britain.

Measurement Solutions include:
  • Vehicle Measurement System
  • Wheel Force Sensors
  • Wheel Position Sensors
  • Rotating Torque Sensor
  • Combustion analysis
  • Force Matrix Sensor
  • WCA mini - portable FFT Analyser, data recorder, Noise and Vibration analysis.
Their range of complete solution and service development suite of products includes software, DSP hardware, sensors and related equipment, all part of A&D’s own product offering. Though initially targeted at the automotive sector the products clearly offer exceptional solutions in a wide variety of engineering applications.

As part of A&D Instruments Ltd’s process of continual product development and research, they have a long and key relationship with Birmingham City University where a fully equipped engine test and development cell is installed, providing a centrally located dynamic demonstration facility.

A&D uses Simulink and Model-Based Calibration Toolbox for calibration automation, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system models and real-time control applications. A&D are a Mathworks Connections Program Partner.

As the only modelling solution providers to offer a proven multi-core processing solution, A&D Instruments are setting new standards for vehicle and product development. For further information please contact

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