Monday 13 September 2010

Expanded PXI line for Munich

Expanded PXI digital product line with two new high performance digital instruments which will be shown at Electronica.

Geotest has recently expanded its digital test product line with the introduction of the GX5295 and GX5960 PXI digital instruments.

The GX5295 offers the highest performance and most features of any 3U PXI dynamic digital I/O board on the market and provides a cost-effective solution for semiconductor test applications. The GX5295 features a per-channel PMU and high-performance pin electronics supporting a
programmable drive / sense voltage range from -2 V to +7 V - providing both analog and digital test capabilities in a single module. Each card offers 32 bi-directional, 100 MHz digital channels with up to 256 digital channels being supported in one timing domain.

Geotest's GX5960 50 MHz digital subsystem represents a new level of capabilities and performance for PXI digital instrumentation. Based on the EADS T964 VXI module and offering equivalent functionality as well as additional capabilities, the GX5960 features programmable high-voltage pin electronics (-10 V to +15 V) and a high-performance timing generator/sequencer with 256 time sets and 1ns per pin timing resolution.

The compact 6U PXI form factor offers a cost effective, compact form factor without sacrificing performance for system, board and component test applications. In addition, the GX5960 offers a per-channel parametric measurement unit (PMU) and analog bus access for each I/O channel -
providing hybrid channel (digital or analog) measurement capabilities. Two module configurations are available - the 32 channel GX5964 or the 16 channel GX5961 which offers guided probe support and static high voltage I/O.

Both the GX5295 and GX5960 are supplied with the DIOEasy software package, which provides vector editing / display & file import utilities, a virtual instrument panel, and 32-bit DLL driver libraries.

The GX5295 is available October 15th and the GX5960 digital subsystem is available November 1 and will be presented for the first time in Europe at electronica 2010 (Munich DE 9/12 Nov 2010).

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