Thursday 9 September 2010

Solar inverters

Solar PV inverters broaden support for renewable energy

Carlo Gavazzi is also extending its support for renewable energy installations with the introduction of grid-connected Solar Photovoltaic Inverters.

These compliment the company’s energy management range and embody state-of the art inverter technology. As well as best-of-breed efficiencies (better than 94.37 per cent EU), the inverters incorporate Carlo Gavazzi’s exclusive Smart MPPT technology and PV string control software to deliver up to 20 per cent more energy compared with alternative solutions.

Interface protection and anti-islanding safety circuits ensure that power is only produced when the inverter is connected to the grid, the grid is active, and its parameters are within the appropriate National standards. Maximum usage of solar energy is guaranteed even when skies are misty or overcast.

Most solar PV installation requirements can be fulfilled with Carlo Gavazzi’s range of models, covering power generation from 2.8 to 20kW AC nominal output in four single-phase models (ISMGT 128, ISMGT 138, ISMGT 140 and ISMGT 150), and the ISMG 3 15 and ISMG 3 20 three-phase models. Single phase inverters are primarily aimed at household installations whilst the three-phase models are better suited to larger buildings, industrial installations and solar parks.

All the inverters operate over wide operating temperature ranges without de-rating. The ISMGT 1 series operates up to 58°C whilst the ISMG 3 series can be used up to 50°C. The single phase ISMGT1 inverters are equipped with HF transformers, which enable the use of amorphous (thin film) panels that are typically positive earthed.

The new Solar PV Inverter Series has built in serial communication ports facilitating transmission of energy production data and AC and DC voltage parameters to remote terminals or PCs. Dual serial ports enable daisy chaining of connection with other inverters within the same plant. In addition, software is available as a free download from the Carlo Gavazzi website that allows users to configure and monitor their solar power generation system. The database of the configuration software includes the most popular types of photovoltaic panels and further models can be easily added by the user.

Carlo Gavazzi’s Solar PV Inverter Series come with a five year warranty as standard, that can be extended up to 10 years.

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