Tuesday 28 September 2010

#EMRex Beaten by an avalanche of tweets

Jim Cahill, Emerson's blogger par excelance sets up the EMrex Tweet station in San Antonio
See his Day 1 Recap

We rather foolishly thought that we could reproduce an edited version of each day's twitter messages as a sort of report and flvour of what a virtual attendee might make of the Emerson User Group (#EMRex) meeting now happening in San Antonio (TX US).

Last year it was possible to manage and we talked about it in our report - "#EMRex tweets rule" but this year the sheer quantity of tweets made this next to nigh impossible. There were around 227 tweets on the first day alone and by the time we had ploughed through the first two hours or so we gave it up as a bad job.

We suggest that you put in the #EMRex as a search and you will find the unedited and unexpurgated raw tweets in all their glory.

There are a lot of advances too in this years event with video interviews, podcasts and an almost non-stop flow of pictures and comments. The live broadcasts too are made available virtually instantaneously afterwards too on the Livestream Page.

In any case here is the edited version c/w links from that exhausting yet exhilerating first day.

Gary Mintchell talks with Mike Boudreaux about Safety Lifecycle management, among other topics, at #EMRex,

Book signing by @Mark_Sanborn after his keynote at #EMRex

@EmersonExchange DeltaV roadmap session at #emrex has a great following

Clever marketing. Connected my blackberry to wifi at #EMRex and now my phone says Emerson Smart Wireless (the SSID) at the top.

Everyone is attending their first Product Roadmap session this morning. For me, it's Non-Emerson Systems Migration.

@EmersonExchange Asia team planning for #emrex sessions

Product roadmap sessions today. First up for me: @DeltaV

#EMRex - love is a commitment to treat others with dignity and respect.

RT @garymintchell: Pre-show interview with @RuneReppenhagen about @DeltaV happenings at #emrex

#EMRex - you don't have time for relationships; you make time. Reinvent yourself everyday. a

Something is more powerful than technology, it's ingenuity, & ingenuity is even more powerful when leveraged w/technology. M. Sanborn

#EMRex- competitive advantage: replace money with imagination. Ingenuity is more powerful than technology. about 21 hours ago via mobile web

#EMRex keynote @Mark_Sanborn: Etymology of politics - poly = many and ticks = blood suckers about

Emerson is hosting educational Safety Lifecycle Seminars. Request a seminar in your area

# Joanne Salazar JoanneMSalazar

#EMRex - When you value people, you add value to people.

#EMRex @Mark_Sanborn: USA Today is the adult coloring book for US media.

#EMRex - A story illustrates; statistics validate. You make difference: either positive or negative. You are not neutral.

#EMRex keynote @Mark_Sanborn: Don't treat your customers like they're customers... Treat your customers like they're your friends.

"Fear nothing, but to waste the present moment." - Mark Sanborn #EMRex

A professional is more worried about your problems than you are #emrex keynote

#EMRex Keynote speaker - @Mark_Sanborn describes TED talk by @TEDchris: How YouTube is driving innovation

#emrex crowd accelerated innovation.

#EMRex - keynote speaker: power of collaboration - accelerate innovation with three things crowd light and desire

Keynote speaker is about to start here @EmersonExchange #EmrEx

If you haven't yet seen the #EMRex Youtube channel, check out the growing list of videos

Awesome! RT @MikeBoudreaux: .@JimCahill is setting up the #EMRex Twitter Station in the registration area.

Watch @MikeBoudreaux's interview with Peter Welander about Safety Lifecycle Management at #EMRex.

Steve Sonnenberg honoring John Berra for a "job well done" for his long tenure of leadership at Emerson #EMRex as John retires.

Read The #EMRex Daily - today's top stories are contributed by @ReadoutSignpost @keithlarson and @nancybartels

Solutions Area at #EMRex - bringing it all together. Great idea! about 22 hours ago via Twitter for iPad

Looking forward to visiting the Human Centered Design Usability Experience at the #EMRex Technology Exhibits this week.

#EMRex - HCD delivered: electronic marshaling, device dashboards, subsea maintenance, asset performance management.

Sonnenberg is talking about all the new Emerson Process Management innovations

Excellent recap of all emerson innovations at #emrex by steve sonnenberg

#EMRex - human centered design: reduce complexity, eliminate work, and embed knowledge. Increase organizational efficiency.

#EMRex "collaboration creates purpose" User collaboration with Emerson is delivering results for end users.

#EMRex Steve S - Emerson continues to expand it's global presence. We have opened many new locations throughout the world.

Sonnenberg optimistic about coming year.

Wow! @EmersonExchange attendance is 2200! That's a strong indicator that the economy is turning around. Good news. #EMRex

#EMRex Emerson encourages users to submit enhancement ideas at user-ideas@Emerson.com

#emrex Emerson Exchange is off and running. Have fun!

#emrex online daily

The first Exchange Today #EMRex just hit my mailbox now

#emrex - Just announced: over 2200 registrants so far! about 23 hours ago

Good crowd for opening session at #EmrEx about 23 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone

#emrex The ballroom is filling up. Come join us!

Want to join the #EMRex board planning next years conference? Contact the guys in the red shirts.

#EMRex Flight Delays in Boston, won't make Exchange til later tonight. US Airways Fail

Excited for the start of Emerson Exchange. #Emrex

Welcome to the 2010 #EMRex in San Antonio. This week is packed with short courses, workshops, management sessions, roadmaps and many more

Good morning from San Antonio, Texas #emrex

Greetings to all my friends & followers at #EMRex from the Irish west coast

Registration for #emrex strarted nw. early birds here

Be sure to attend the DeltaV SIS Roadmap in Room 214A at 1PM today.

Prepared and ready to head out for day one of #emrex. Two great podcast interviews yesterday. Who wants to be next? 12:52 PM Sep 27th via Seesmic Web

#EMRex YouTube video channel is live with session previews:

news page of Emerson Exchange 2010 is now live: ..

Morning, Twitterland & esp. all you folks at #EMRex. Up early getting ready for a very Emersonish day. Lots o presentations & news to come.

Don't miss the roadmaps on Monday at #EMRex. Lots of exciting new products have been released and more are coming this next year.

The start of two hectic weeks...

Getting ready for a long but fun week at work covering #EMRex

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