Wednesday 9 June 2010

Wireless telemetry

New and Innovative Industrial Wireless Telemetry System Launched by LCM Systems

LCM Systems has a new and innovative wireless telemetry system for multiple data acquisition in real time. The T24 range is a versatile set of products, based around proprietary acquisition devices that can be mixed and matched to provide high quality remote readings for critical applications. The low power radio units allow data collection over many years with no sustained power, so are considerably more cost-effective than hardwired systems.

The main feature of the T24 is its modular design. One acquisition module can provide data to multiple output devices and the output devices can accept data from multiple acquisition modules. Any strain bridge, voltage or current output sensor can integrate with the T24 acquisition devices to create wireless instrumentation monitoring systems with a direct line of sight range of 120 metres, which can be further extended with the use of antennas and passive repeaters. Engineers at the company can provide advice and guidance about how the optimum system can be configured.

A number of Acquisition Modules are available. For strain gauges, there is a five-wire measurement device - the T24-SA, while the T24-VA voltage acquisition accepts 0-10V, and the T24-IA accepts 0-20mA, suitable for a wide range of sensors with a 4-20mA output. This means that a wide range of sensors can be wirelessly monitored including load cells, inclinometers, accelerometers, displacement LVDT, pressure, temperature, humidity, pH and shock.

Real time results from multiple inputs can be displayed on either a static or handheld device, both of which can be provided. Alternatively, a single acquisition output can be relayed using the T24-AO1 Analogue Output Module to a data logger.

Software and accessories include antennas and batteries, as well as the free of charge T24 Toolkit Software, a user-friendly Windows package for configuration and calibration of all T24 modules.

LCM Systems can offer a fully integrated system solution comprising of load cells and wireless telemetry products, packaged into a fully functional bespoke solution to meet customers’ specific requirements.

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