Monday 28 June 2010

A first in coriolis flow

First Coriolis flowmeter with full 2-wire technology (4–20 mA)

Anyone who, in their flow measurement applications, wants to combine the advantages of the Coriolis measuring principle with those of 2-wire technology no longer needs to compromise says a recent release from Endress+Hauser. As a full 2-wire instrument, Promass E TB2 can be integrated into existing plant systems seamlessly and without extra effort.

Previously, Coriolis mass flowmeters were available exclusively with 4-wire technology, and thus with separate supply and signal wire. By using state-of-the-art low-power electronic components, E+H has now succeeded in implementing the Coriolis measuring technology in full two-wire technology – that means consistently in the range from 4 to 20 mA. A few years ago, this would have been inconceivable. The advantages connected with this cannot be overlooked: reduced costs for installation and wiring as well as the seamless integration into existing systems.

Meets all industry requirements
In the chemical and petrochemical industries, 2-wire measuring devices are in high demand, as intrinsic safety is extremely important especially in hazardous areas. Without any compromises, Promass E TB2 meets all of the relevant standards in the process industry such as NAMUR, HART, and SIL. Both, self-monitoring and error diagnostics, for example, are strictly in accordance with the specifications of NE107 (NAMUR). This guarantees a high degree of safety in operation and optimal system availability.

Customer-oriented operating concept
Another outstanding feature of the Promass E TB2 is its innovative, user specific and task orientated operating concept. Operator, maintenance and expert menus can be called up immediately at the touch of a button. Guided parameterization (“Make-it-run” Wizards) guides the user whilst configuring the flowmeter, and “Tool tips” provide additional parameter information. In the event of an error, remedy information is immediately displayed.

Safe and secure data back-up
Promass E TB2 provides data management, data back-up and configuration data transfer to other measuring points via the local display. And in case of servicing, the automatic data back-up via HistoROM enables the fast exchange of measuring electronics and automatic reconfiguration without the need for a new calibration.

Tried-and-tested Coriolis sensor technology
As a tried-and-tested multivariable sensor of the Proline flowmeter family, Promass E simultaneously measures the mass flow, fluid density and temperature. As a result, customers can monitor and control their processes even more accurately. Promass E can be supplied with the line sizes DN 8 to 50. In addition to liquids such as acids, alkalis, and solvents, it also measures all gases flawlessly. The application range extends to a nominal pressure of PN 100 and a process temperature of 140 °C.


  1. Seems ridiculous to try to deceive readers by claiming to be first when that is not true. Micro Motion has a 2-wire Coriolis... developed and released for sale long (almost 2years) before E+H had a product. In a hazardous area an IS barrier/isolator is typically used and the output is 4-20 mA. In a non-hazardous area the user has a choice, connecting the same way as in a hazardous are so the output is 4-20... or not using the barrier in which case the output is 12-20 mA. 12-20 mA is one-half the traditional span but can be used by most any host.

  2. Thanks Anonymous for the comment. We welcome all comments on topic.

  3. A spokesman from E+H commented when we brought Anonymous's comment to their attention:
    "...the point is that we have the 1st. Loop Powered "true" 4 ... 20 mA Instrument and not a Non Standard Signal."

  4. It's even more ridiculous to try to lure readers into believing MicroMotion was the first to come out with a barrier version of a 2-wire Coriolis.

    Roughly 20 years before MicroMotion Endress+Hauser had already introduced the "m-point" that featured the 2-wire barrier solution described above.