Tuesday 22 June 2010

Mini motors, power transmission & controls

New catalogue covers three additional DC motor technologies, a new brushless drive and increased resource material for miniature power transmission mechanics and controls

A new and revised full range catalogue from Rotalink includes several new products and additional technical information aimed at making an informed selection for highly cost competitive miniature power transmission systems and controls. The new resource covers performance specifications for three recently added DC motor technologies (rare earth, heavy case and brushless) as well as several new gearbox lines along with a completely new section on DC motor control - including new absolute encoders and a brushless version of Rotalink's flagship motion controller, Red Drive.

The new catalogue reflects just how busy the company has been over the past two years - developing and improving a complete range that allows its customers the benefit of volume sourced and low-cost DC, AC and stepper motor technologies from global partners which are integrated with in-house designed and manufactured miniature gearboxes, motor feedback components and motion control technologies.

Rotalink's strength and expertise lies in adapting advanced materials technologies into its own innovative designs for miniature gearbox and associated components to realise leading-edge and cost effective solutions for miniature power transmission systems up to 28 Nm torque and to 150 W shaft power. With its own manufactured range of planetary and ovoid style gearboxes that include a flexible choice standard or enhanced polymer gears with sintered or ball bearings, it is possible to exactly match a customer's specification without cost compromise. Furthermore, the choice of advanced materials and their unique ovoid gearboxes with spur/planetary output stages can yield extremely high torque in space restricted envelopes and are a perfect solution where miniaturisation in design or maximising power to size is of prime importance.

By adapting these same gearbox designs with their space saving incremental or absolute encoder feedback devices, and by adding speed or positional motion control, Rotalink provide a complete single-source service for miniature linear or rotary power transmission systems at costs which are much less than its competitors.

The new catalogue includes complete specification information for three recently introduced DC motor technologies; high power brushed DC motors with neodymium rare earth magnets, heavy case low inertia brushed DC motors, and low cost brushless DC motors complete with hall effect sensors for commutation.

Also, recently launched and available for the first time in the new catalogue is a brushless version of the Red Drive programmable motion controller for up to 10A output from a 12 – 24 VDC source with up to 27 configurable analogue and digital I/O points for comprehensive machine control interfacing.

For each of the DC, AC and Stepper motors section in the new catalogue, a detailed selection guide is included with technical assistance information available such as countermeasures for EMI and a discussion on customisation options for DC motor gearbox applications. Engineers and designers involved in miniature power transmission systems will find Rotalink's new catalogue an invaluable resource.

It may be downloaded in pdf format from their website.

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