Friday 4 June 2010

Software for graphical visualisation

Unified portal and content server for InFusion Enterprise Control System enables flexible access to applications, reporting and visualisation information

Invensys Operations Management has released the Wonderware® Information Server version 4.0 software. Information Server is easy-to-use software for web-based graphical visualisation, reporting and analysis of real-time plant operations data, helping to drive productivity excellence across client organisations. The new version features support for ArchestrA® graphics, critical for those customers now using the company's Wonderware Systems Platform and InTouch® HMI products; enhanced operating system support; and superior web-based graphics built on Microsoft Silverlight™ technology.

"As needs for easier information access increase, providing web-based delivery is critical to maintaining productivity excellence," said Michael Schwarz, product marketing manager, Invensys Operations Management. "Wonderware Information Server provides an interactive, open method of delivering critical operating information to workers engaged in manufacturing and industrial infrastructure processes. Its ability to provide data in other forms compatible with corporate portals, such as Microsoft SharePoint™, expands its usefulness to a wide range of users within our customer's organisation."

Wonderware Information Server is a unified portal and content server for the company's InFusion™ Enterprise Control System components, including their System Platform, InTouch HMI and SCADA software, MES and Intelligence applications, and Foxboro® I/A Series® distributed control systems, enabling flexible access to applications, reporting and visualisation information using a web browser. When used with Wonderware Intelligence, an enterprise manufacturing intelligence product, Wonderware Information Server provides a corporate-wide view of production operations and KPIs, providing all workers in a manufacturing enterprise with a common real-time information dashboard.

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