Tuesday 8 June 2010

Easy to use touch panels

Fujitsu and ATT enable fast realisation of glass touch-panel modules for home, industrial and medical applications

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) and Advanced Touchscreen Technology (ATT) have announced a collaborative agreement to support customers’ rapid development of mass-production-ready touch-panel solutions by joining ATT’s innovative customised transparent conductive glass (ATT-HC101) with FME’s robust and easy-to-use touch sensor controllers (TSC).

The combination of these two key technologies will enable quicker and easier realisation of robust, transparent touch panels for various applications. The first projects in home appliance, medical and industrial applications have already been designed together with the end customers.

The FMA1127 and FMA1125 touch sensor controller families offered by FME represent a robust, high performance and power efficient replacement of buttons, sliders and turning knobs – a solution that can even work with droplets of water on the touch surface.

ATT provides customised conductive-coated glass sensors matching the technical features of FME’s touch sensor controllers. During customer projects, experts from both companies will work closely together to achieve the best solution for the end customer.

“With ATT we have gained an innovative partner demonstrating extremely high flexibility towards customers’ demands. In particular, the low-cost and fast-sampling procedure of ATT’s transparent conductive glass sensors accelerate the development of our customers’ projects. Together with our technical experts, we have already enabled several customers to realise a convincing HMI based on a robust glass touch front panel even under very tough schedule conditions.” said Wolf Fronauer, Marketing Manager for Embedded Systems at FME.

A revolutionary coating process developed by ATT enables the manufacturing of high quality transparent conductive layers at low costs. “ATT sensors and FME controllers represent the best combination of technology for our customers. The seamless collaboration between technical experts from ATT and FME enables us to focus on customised innovative touch sensor solutions for various fields ranging from home appliances to medical and industrial applications. The partnership with FME opens the door to a customer-oriented way of business with infinite opportunities, which fulfils most advanced expectations,” said Ben Meester CEO at ATT.

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