Monday 21 June 2010

Switch disconnector

Rittal Ri4Power switch-disconnector-fuse sections

The construction of Rittal Ri4Power switch-disconnector-fuse section is based on Rittal’s Ri4Power well-known components. In the highest design version, an internal separation to installation Form 4b is achieved with complete side panel modules and bar covers. Depending on the number of cables to be connected, the new Rittal fused isolator sections can be provided in widths of 1000 and 1200 mm and offer connection spaces of approx. 300 or 500 mm in width.

Using switch-disconnector-fuse sections, the distribution of electrical energy through fused switchgear can be achieved in a compact and varied way. Size 00 and size 3 fuse-switch-disconnectors from Jean Müller or ABB/Siemens can now be prepared in full with Rittal's new Ri4Power switch-disconnector-fuse sections. With the Jean Müller device modules, replaceable control units can be integrated in the fused isolator section, even when live.

In order to design switchgear as economic as possible for multi-terminal busbar systems, Rittal favours flat bar systems with 50 x10, 60x 10, 80x 10 and 100x 10 mm cross-sections.

In the case of the successfully conducted type tests, both with the ABB SlimLine and Jean Müller Sasil rails, a rated current of up to 2100 A was demonstrated in the distributor bar system, with full section configuration and an IP 3X level of protection. A short-circuit resistance of 100 kA (Icw 1 sec) was successfully demonstrated during the type testing conducted on the new fused isolator sections, both in main busbar systems as well as in 100 x 10 mm distributor bar systems.

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