Tuesday 22 June 2010

DC bus power supply

Gefran's new AFE200 Active Front End technology brings regenerative power supply for ADV200 vector inverter rangeGefran has added a range of regenerative power supplies with 'Active Front End' technology for its ADV200 line of vector inverters. The new AFE200 can return regenerative current back into the mains power network and provide improved Cos Φ with a near unity power factor for increased efficiency and cost savings. The new power supplies also deliver 'clean power' thanks to reduced harmonic distortion values of less than 5% and further advantages include enhanced system dynamics during drive and regeneration with increased load capacity, improved DC bus stability under load changes with potential extended equipment life, elimination of uneconomical conventional braking systems and braking resistors, and significantly cost effective single power supply systems.

The AFE200 regenerative power supplies are available in five standard sizes from 22KW to 355kW for single, stand-alone, set-ups and from 400kW to 1.2MW for multiple inverter drive 'parallel' configuration. With its 380V – 500 VAC supply (+/-15%), the range is typically be used with common DC bus versions of the ADV200 vector inverter and shares the same modular construction concept for fast and economical installation with considerably less space required than many other manufacturers drive solutions.

The AFE200 includes an RS485 serial line as standard and can be programmed with peer-to-peer or multidrop connection using the Modbus RTU protocol. The standard configuration also includes generous and fully configurable complement of analogue, digital and relay I/O.. Two option card slots are provided for ADV series fieldbus management cards for all the main networks as well as I/O expansion cards. As with the ADV200 vector inverters, parameter set-up is also possible using the integrated KB_ADV programming keypad or with Gefran's GF-eXpress multi-language software for fast set-up and application commissioning, including a simple integrated PLC for straightforward I/O control.

The AFE200 is available in two overload modes for “heavy duty” and “light duty” to match power, duty and price requirements to the application. Further options include input choke, a pre-load kit with resistors and contactors, and an external EMI mains filter – all sized to suit application specifics.

Gefran's ADV200 line of high performance, FOC (field oriented control), vector inverters now includes four panel mount and six cabinet-housed drives for continuous service, constant torque power output applications from 0.75 kW to 1.2MW at up to 690 VAC. With heavy duty and light duty overload management and with a choice of open loop, closed loop with speed feedback, or V/F control, the advanced ADV200 range provides maximum application flexibility with up to three front mounted option card slots for a mixed combination of encoder and fieldbus management interfaces or I/O expansion cards.

The ADV200 is aimed at system builders and OEMs requiring an inverter drive platform that is able to meet the needs of the widest possible range of speed control applications. Based on a high performance 32-bit microcontroller providing a closed loop speed regulation up to 0.01% and a speed range of 1:1000, the ADV200 includes three levels of programming and control options as standard from simple keypad, through Gefran's GF_eXpress to full IEC-61131-3 sequential PLC.

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