Thursday 10 June 2010

System response time and analytics for rotating equipment

Invensys Operations Management has announced the availability of version 2.1.1 of its Triconex® Trident™ safety system. The new version has two new input modules that enhance worker safety, reduce downtime and deliver more accurate trip analysis in power and turbomachinery applications, helping customers to achieve safety excellence. One new module enables faster response to unsafe equipment conditions; another optimises trip data analysis to prevent future upsets.

"Protecting rotating equipment from damage is critical to our customers' operations, and the ability to provide highly accurate plant information helps determine the root cause of trips more effectively, as well as achieve safety excellence," said Alejandro Fung, director of safety systems product management, Invensys Operations Management. "Enhancements to the latest Trident system bring another level of safety to production assets. High reliability, high availability, predictive over-speed condition and high-resolution sequence of event information helps customers achieve better uptime and a better understanding of the critical indicators that lead to process shutdowns."

The faster response time of the new Trident system offering is the result of an enhanced pulse input module, which measures speed, rate-of-speed change and the rate of acceleration of rotating equipment in milliseconds. This enables faster prediction of over-speed conditions, which can jeopardise personnel, interrupt operations and damage equipment.

The optimised trip analysis is the result of a new high-resolution digital input module, which monitors changes of state and sequence of events (SOE) and provides a timestamp resolution of one millisecond with an accuracy of one millisecond. Process trips generate valuable information about the conditions that caused the shutdown. Reviewing and analysing such data can be challenging and time consuming, however, and having SOE data with a one millisecond resolution can be a significant aid in determining the root cause of the shutdown.

By safely maintaining maximum process uptime, Triconex safety systems can help meet and exceed production targets. The scalable Triconex Trident safety system is based on industry-proven triple modular redundant (TMR) technology that helps customers protect plant personnel and production assets, as well as achieve compliance with rigorous environmental standards by providing the highest system availability and reliability in the market today.

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