Friday 25 June 2010

Signal conditioning multiple channels

Analogue signal conditioning proves robust for multiple strain gauge channels

For large projects calling for hundreds of strain gauge transducer channels, analogue signal conditioning has been demonstrated to provide a cost effective and robust solution.

RDP Electronics, who have recently been responsible for large projects of this type, advise that analogue can be more resilient to electrical supply fluctuations and interference than digital electronic devices. Analogue also offers the benefit of long cable runs without the need for further amplification.

In the rare circumstances where amplifier replacement becomes necessary, then thanks to the capability to enable standardised calibration from matched transducers, units can be swapped out with minimal effort. RDP offers a choice of signal conditioning amplifiers including the popular Modular 600 Multi-Channel Signal Conditioning System. The Mod 600 is a fully featured microprocessor instrumentation unit that incorporates configurable analogue outputs and is based on a modular design concept to provide complete flexibility and expandability.

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