Tuesday 1 June 2010

Earning a crust!

Humidity transmitter in fermentation chambers – Michell rises to the challenge

A leading European food processing manufacturer has chosen Michell’s PF211 RH transmitter to control the humidity and temperature in their range of fermentation chambers.

Designed for small to medium bakeries, fermentation chambers provide a consistent environment for bread dough and yeasted products to rise and prove. The cabinets are insulated with an air conditioning system to provide accurate control of both temperature and humidity as well as a flow of fresh air.

Previously, in small or artisan bakeries, mixing, kneading and fermentation would be a completely manual process. The development of these cabinets allows the automation and regulation of part of this process and ensures more consistent results.

The challenge for the manufacturer is to provide reliable control of humidity across the wide range of temperatures required in bread making, from proving (rising dough at a warm temperature) to retardation, where bread dough is kept to rise at a low temperature for up to 12 hours to develop flavour.

The PF211 probe was chosen because of its wide measurement range – from 0 to 100% RH as well as -30 to +70°C. The sensor is highly stable with ±1% RH drift a year, to ensure reliable results over a long period of time.

To make maintenance as simple as possible, the PF211 uses the I7000 ‘Hygrosmart’ interchangeable module. The sensor head incorporates all the calibration data, and to ensure continued reliability over time, the user can simply replace the old sensor with a new one. The process is as quick and simple as changing a light bulb – which is a real benefit to end customers who can relax knowing that they will not be required to undertake any complicated maintenance procedures.

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