Monday 21 June 2010

Triple output DC/DC converters

The HE triple output series from Calex, offers a primary output of either 3.3 V DC or 5 V DC and auxiliary outputs of either +/-12 V DC or +/-15 V DC. The 5 V output is rated 15 A max and the 3.3 V output is rated 20 A max. The auxiliary outputs are rated +/-2 A max.

All models provide up to 75 watts of output power, giving the designer a great deal of flexibility when loading the three outputs. The HE series is isolated input to output providing a cost effective, compact solution for powering logic and analogue circuitry.

The HE series is housed in an industry standard half-brick case. All models are fully encapsulated for rugged durability in harsh industrial and military commercial off-the-shelf applications. The operating temperature range for the HE series is -40 to +100ºC, and a variety of heatsinks are available for extended temperature operation. The HE series can be ordered with an optional mounting kit that provides screw terminal connections.

The MTBF is over one million hours. UL approvals are pending.

The HE triple provides output voltage trim and logic ON/OFF. In the OFF state the idle current is only 2 mA DC. Positive and negative logic is available.

The HE series has several protection features including:
  • Volt-seconds clamp and over voltage protection
  • Thermal shutdown
  • Pulse by pulse current limiting
  • Short circuit frequency foldback

    All models feature a 2:1 input range of either 18 to 36 V DC or 36 to 75 V DC, and all provide input reverse polarity protection. Output line and load regulation is typically 0.01% and 0.05% respectively, and output voltage setpoint accuracy is +/-1%.
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