Tuesday 22 June 2010

Heavy load submicron positioning

Aerotech's PRO-LM series direct-drive, brushless linear servo motor driven stages now include a new 280 mm wide version, available in eight travel options from 300 mm to 1.5 m, for high throughput and heavy load precision positioning applications in harsh industrial environments. The side-sealed/hard top and fully protected stages feature heavy duty linear motion guide bearings, submicron level encoder feedback and optional cable management, and are now available in nominal widths of 165 mm, 225 mm and 280 mm which may be freely mixed to optimise application load and travel requirements.

The new competitively priced PRO280LM is built upon the successful side sealed design that Aerotech has developed over several generations of linear motor and ballscrew driven stages. The aluminium hard top cover, finished in a protective scratch resistant hard coat, is a much preferred alternative to soft fabric or plastic bellows stage covers, especially for applications such as laser machining. The vertical tensioned side straps fully seal the internal stage components from machining or process debris. A wide selection of optional tabletops with steel inserts allow X-Y, XZ or YZ configurations with other PRO series stages with orthogonality certified to 5 arc-secs. Tabletop plates are also available for Aerotech ADRS, ADRT and AGR series rotary stages or to suit customer workpiece mounting in metric and inch hole patterns. Cable management is available for single axis up to customer specified XY, XYZ and XYZ+Rotary stage configurations.

It has a positioning resolution of 250 nanometres from a choice of 0.1 micron line driver or amplified sine output encoders. Other impressive specifications include HALAR calibrated accuracy to +/- 3 microns for the 1.5 m travel version (+/- 2 microns for the 300 mm travel stage) with speeds to 2 metres/sec and acceleration to 3 g. With complementary high specifications for stage flatness, pitch, yaw and roll, and with a maximum horizontal and side load capability to 150 kg, the PRO280LM is well placed for heavy duty industrial applications where no-compromise manufacturing quality and fastest production throughput are of primary importance.

Their brushless direct-drive linear servomotor technology guarantees extremely smooth motion with exacting speed control and precise in-position stability, allowing the PRO280LM to be equally effective for scanning or step/repeat applications or for compound axis contouring. The use of non contacting motors and feedback encoders combines with long life wiper sealed linear motion guide bearings for a rated MTBF life of 20,000 hours with extremely low maintenance.

The company manufactures a wide range of advanced motion controls that optimise the performance capability of the PRO-LM series with powerful motion specific and machine interfacing commands. These include the Position Synchronised Output (PSO) command that completely synchronises real time multi-axis position with laser firing, camera capture, data acquisition or NDT test triggering to produce the highest quality parts or ultimate accuracy test procedures - with minimal cycle time and fastest production throughput. Aerotech's advanced controls include set-up, diagnostics and comprehensive features that reduce position errors, improve settling times and provide a host of other production and commissioning time-saving benefits.

Aerotech's motion systems include motor power and encoder cables plus performance and calibration related documents. Complete machine frames and bases can be included in the scope of supply.

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