Tuesday 1 June 2010

Invisible cooling for outdoor cabinets

Rittal has introduced a secure outdoor cabinet complete with hidden cooling solutions. Designed for use in remote areas, or those subject to high levels of vandalism, the WK4 enclosure has no visible louvres or other obvious orifices for the air to air heat exchanger, or chiller, integrated into the cabinet.

Air inlet and exhaust takes place entirely between the double skin panels of the enclosure, thus not presenting an opportunity for insertion of tools or levers to attack the cabinet to extract or damage the contents. A side effect of this design is that external noise levels are minimised, thus helping to meet European noise requirements in residential areas, and further not drawing unwanted attention to the unit.

Ideally configured for secure communications, safety equipment and high availability (five nines) systems, the all stainless steel cabinet includes a security locking system and has been tested for burglar-proofing to level WK4.

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