Friday 11 June 2010

Intellectual property acquired

Tyco Electronics has acquired the intellectual property (IP) rights to the 9th wire hardware technology that powers its AMPTRAC Intelligent Infrastructure Management System (IIM).

9th wire technology provides real-time monitoring of planned and unplanned changes to layer 1 physical infrastructure. It allows patch fields, without active electronics, to communicate with analysers and work with licensed IIM software from iTRACS Corporation. The combined solution makes it easier for IT administrators to maintain an accurate configuration management database, meet corporate needs for maximum network uptime, enhance asset location and turn cabling systems and their connected devices into smart networks.

"Tyco Electronics is investing in the Intelligent Solution arena to provide IT and facilities managers with the tools they need to perform real-time analysis to expose inefficiencies and optimise the use of their assets", says Stephen Mitchell, Vice President of the AMP NETCONNECT business unit of Tyco Electronics: "The 9th wire IP acquisition demonstrates our commitment to that investment, to our AMPTRAC product line and to Tyco's efforts to provide the industry with the best networking intelligence solutions available."

A component of the acquisition provides an established community of vendors a license to the intellectual property, with the intent to position this passive real-time hardware technology as an industry standard. Mitchell says that Tyco Electronics is the leading provider of IIM solutions based on the 9th wire technology in data centres and office networks. He adds that the AMPTRAC connectivity management solution offers the benefits of seamless integration, fast implementation, and one-stop installation support.

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