Tuesday 21 June 2016

Power & data connectivity at workstations.

Schneider Electric has announced the launch of its Desk Unit range. The advanced suite of products combines industry leading modular design flexibility, quality and ease of installation. The comprehensive range has been engineered for commercial and residential applications, to provide elegant and practical solutions for power and data connectivity at work stations. Effortlessly blending design with functionality, the new range can be fully customised and tailored to meet customer demands and easily retrofitted in order to account for their changing needs. The ease of installation, significantly reduces the time of install by up to 50%.
Schneider's On-Desk-Unit
The new range comprises five core product families:                                                                            
  • IDU – In-Desk Units – facilitating unrestricted individual access to power, media and data right on the table or desktop
  • PTU – Pop Up Tower Units – fit perfectly in any working environment. The range is ideal for integrating power and data connections in tiny spaces
  • FDU – Flush Desk Units – an easily accessibly range for supplying electricity to workstations
  • ODU – On-Desk Units – perfect for commercial installations such as meeting rooms, offices or desk sharing environments
  • UDU – Under Desk Units – designed as a simple electricity supply unit for office workstations and permanently installed devices
“With our innovative modular approach to product design and installation, Schneider Electric’s new Desk Unit range ensures that customers can meet the demands of today and tomorrow with equal ease, combining different functionality as and when it is needed” said Joe Crawford, customer marketing and offer manager at Schneider Electric Ireland. “Furthermore, with integrated USB chargers within the range, we are ensuring that our users remain constantly connected in today’s digital age. It’s all part of our wider commitment to provide technologies that ensure Life Is On everywhere, for everyone and at every moment.”

Product family highlights within the range:

IDU - In-Desk Units – brings flexibility to the desktop for environments such as conference and training rooms. Minimal depth also ensures no restriction on leg movement under the desk or table, even where the units are fitted near the edge.

Key features and benefits:
  • Provides access to power, media and data
  • Brush inserts to prevent the cables becoming lodged
  • Configuration can be freely selected thanks to the modular solution
  • Power sockets individually fused at 3.15A in accordance with BS6396
  • 0.2m lead to Wieland GST 18i3 plug
PTU – Pop Up Tower Units – Installation is incredibly simple thanks to a lock ring securing mechanism, while users simply press down with their thumb to raise and lower the Pop Up Tower units.

Key features and benefits:
  • Press down to raise the pop up tower
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Suitable for desk or table tops
  • Power sockets individually fused at 5A in accordance to BS6396
  • 0.5m lead to Wieland GST 18i3 plug

ODU – On-Desk Units – Ideally suited for meeting rooms, offices or desk sharing environments where flexibility is needed.

Key features and benefits:
  • Can be mounted to a desk or table quickly and easily with the mounting brackets or can be free standing
  • Preferred configuration can be selected using the modular solution
  • Power sockets individually fused at 3.15A in accordance to BS6396
  • 0.2m lead to Wieland GST 18i3 plug
The Desk Unit range also includes a number of Select Custom Modules, for easy product customisation; and an extensive range of GST Power Leads and Connectors with integrated earth connection, available in different lengths.

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