Monday 27 June 2016

Contribution recognised!

During the recent AGM of the Ireland Section of ISA the part of Read-out in publicising the third ISA Food and Pharmaceutical Division Seminar (FPID2016) was acknowledged. The Food and Pharmaceutical Division of ISA is one of the most active in the Society.

Dave O'Brien (L) and Eoin Ó Riain
This was a held for the first time outside North America and was proclaimed as a great success with well over 200 attendees benefiting from the expert information shared over a period of two days.

The ISA Ireland section has made a substantial contribution to the ISA since 1977 providing officers for the international organisation over the years, Indeed currently there are two Section members serving, Billy Walsh and Brian Curtis. Indeed this year one of them, Brian Curtis, has been nominated for the position of President-Elect Secretary. This position is filled by election of the members and voting for this position, and other leadership positions will be announced later.

Dave O'Brien, who was Chairman of the FPID Seminar (and a future District 12 - EMEA - VP) made a presentation to Read-out's Eoin Ó Riain at the AGM. Eoin Ó Riain, himself a former ISA VP,  in turn thanked the ISA for this acknowledged and praised in turn the trojan work done by the Ireland Section members and hailed the international co-operation which led to this successful event.

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