Thursday 2 June 2016

Small system turbo blowers.

Since the energy requirement for the aeration of aeration tanks in wastewater treatment plant reaches 70 % , energy efficiency is still the decisive indicator for a healthy energy balance. Many AERZEN customers worldwide could already benefit from the energy savings since 2010 when the product with the extremely efficient turbo technology was launched. The successful series TB has now been revised.

The turbo series TB was particularly developed for biologically operating wastewater treatment plants with small and medium volume flow requirements. AERZEN sells the packaged units in 11 series which offer air volumes from 300 to 6,000 m³/h for pressure ranges from 300 to 1,000 mbar. The innovative system experienced a number of constructive adjustments resulting in another positive effect on the energy saving. Depending on the volume flow and the pressure range, the energy requirement can be reduced by another 6 % .

The TB series is the most compact type of construction in the lower volume flow range worldwide. The small footprint leads to an extremely high power density in relation to the size and conveying volume. Constructive improvements within the packaged unit ensure an optimised air guidance which, eventually, minimizes pressure losses at the intake side. Since electrical and mechanical engineering are separated by open ground, heat losses of the power electronics are not passed to the process air. The separation increases the efficiency and the reliability of the electrical engineering. Thus, susceptibility of the electrical components can already be avoided in the preliminary stages.

Further positive characteristics of the compact system are the integrated silencer for the cooling air outlet and the blow-off valve. The plug&play system operates almost maintenance-free and absolutely oil-free; only filters have to be changed in regular cycles. The air flow is not measured indirectly, as it is the conventional way, i. e. derived from the power consumption. It is performed according to the Venturi principle. By means of a differential pressure measurement the real air-mass flow is measured in the inlet cone of the stage. In this way, the packaged unit provides real measured values for the monitoring and the internal safety devices, as for example for the AERZEN Feature-High-Rise-to-Surge. The extremely fast response characteristic of the frequency converter enables it to compensate difficult conditions, as for example to react on pressure fluctuations by fast change of speed. The result is a significant minor sensibility of the turbo blower throughout the total control range. Thus, users can comprehend at any time the exact quantity that is really led into their tanks. This parameter is also shown directly via the control system.

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