Friday 17 June 2016

Gas analysis workshop report.

Gasmet Technologies organised a meeting in Lisbon, immediately prior to the CEM 2016 conference and exhibition in May, to provide delegates with an insight into the wide variety of applications for which FTIR technology is employed.
The measurement of greenhouse gases (GHGs) was a particular focus for the event, with presentations from a number of speakers outlining the advantages of simultaneous multigas analysis with Gasmet’s fixed and portable FTIR analysers. Dr Joseph Storlien from Saint John's University, Minnesota USA, described his work with portable Gasmet FTIR analyzers in the measurement of soil flux GHGs. He explained how robust field-use instruments such as the DX4040 enable faster, easier collection of monitoring data; delivering more data points than the more costly and time-consuming methods that rely on laboratory analysis.

Dr Storlien summarises his presentation in a short video that can be viewed on the Gasmet YouTube channel. This webpage also features a video demonstrating how to employ portable FTIR for soil gas analysis.

Prior to the Lisbon meeting, Gasmet received notification that its CEMS II e continuous emissions monitoring system had successfully completed EN 15267-3 testing for the analysis of low range Hydrogen Fluoride, low range Nitrous Oxide, Methane and Formaldehyde. “This means that it meets the performance specifications in European directives and also the more stringent specifications in the type approval standard EN 15267-3 for a larger number of components than any other FTIR in this market,” commented Gasmet’s Antti Heikkilä. Here is brief video explaining the importance of this certification.

The newly certified emissions analyzer was the highlight of Gasmet’s booth at CEM 2016, the industrial emissions monitoring conference that also took place in Lisbon. “Focusing as it does on continuous emission monitoring, CEM 2016 could not have been better timed,” says Heikkilä. “The Conference was attended by international delegates from key sectors such as Power Generation and Waste Incineration, so there was enormous interest in the new performance data for our FTIR analyzers.”

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