Wednesday 8 June 2016

Ultra-miniature, high-precision pressure and temperature transducer.

The Paine 310-38-0050 Series Transducer, introduced by Emerson,  provides increased reliability when making pressure and temperature measurements in downhole oil and gas drilling and production operations. The transducer has the smallest footprint available with an outside diameter of just .93 centimetres (.37 inches) to save critical downhole tool space.

Downhole drilling operations must measure pressure, temperature and other variables to optimise the drilling process and ensure safety. These measurements are typically made with a variety of downhole tools, either mounted just above the drill bit to provide continuous measurement while drilling, or as separate tools inserted into the drill hole on a periodic basis. Once drilling is complete and production begins, these measurements are needed to optimise throughput, maximise uptime and ensure safety.

In all of these applications, space is at a premium and high reliability is required. The environment is extremely harsh with high temperatures and pressures, corrosive drilling fluids and high vibration. Rugged components with small form factors are required to support smaller tool sizes, along with increased pressures and temperatures as holes become deeper.

To address these issues, the Paine 310-38-0050 transducer provides both temperature and pressure measurements in the smallest and most rugged form factor possible. It supports measurements up to 25kpsi (1723 BAR) and temperature up to 425F (218C) to cover the wide range of downhole operating environments.

The 310-38-0050 transducer provides well operators with critical pressure and temperature data for smoother and more efficient downhole operations with increased reliability and reduction of downtime. It improves upon prior solutions by offering a much smaller from factor while still providing the required measurements.

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