Friday 24 June 2016

Hyperspectral imaging training.

Stemmer Imaging’s new dedicated British Customer Centre at its Tongham offices is devoted to customer activities and will host a free hyperspectral imaging training day on July 5th 2016. The completely refurbished 2-storey building not only houses a dedicated training room and a break-out area but also has a state of the art customer evaluation laboratory.

The new training room provides a comfortable learning environment, while the dedicated break-out area is ideal for networking during training sessions and any group activities that may form part of the courses. The brand new customer evaluation laboratory is equipped with the latest vision technology and will allow technical experts to work with customers on their own samples to find the best solution for their needs. The new centre will also be home to an expanded technical laboratory to accommodate the increasing levels of extended projects being handled on behalf of customers.

Mark Williamson, Director - Corporate Market Development, said: "It is great to have a completely separate building (our 3rd on the Tongham site) that we can devote to customer activities. Training is an important part of the added value that Stemmer Imaging offers its customers and the European Imaging Academy runs regular, practical hands-on training in a variety of different imaging topics. We are delighted that they will be running our inaugural 1-day free training for hyperspectral imaging."

“Hyperspectral imaging opens up new innovative inspection possibilities for machine vision users,” he continued. “The absorption behaviour of organic objects in the near infrared wavelength range can provide information on their chemical structure for identification and separation. Hyperspectral imaging is especially suited for the pharmaceutical and medical industry, for food processing, recycling, mining, wood processing and for document inspection, wherever ingredients and substances, which cannot be detected by conventional colour or monochrome images, need to be identified and separated reliably. The new ‘Perception Studio’ software from our supplier, Perception Park, means that specialist know-how in spectroscopy and time-consuming programming is no longer required. Based on this innovative software technology, Stemmer Imaging has offered complete hyperspectral systems since January 2016.”

• The 1-day training course is based on practical application examples and live demonstrations. This will cover not only the use of the Perception Studio software, but also the specific hardware components needed for hyperspectral imaging, such as spectrographs, cameras with different interfaces, special IR lenses and optimised illumination for the relevant range of wavelengths and much more.  Registration for this free training.

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