Friday 24 June 2016

Hoods and housings!

Harting has extended its range of Han® HPR series hoods and housings, these are designed for safety-critical applications in harsh and dynamic environments, such as railways and rail vehicles.

The Han® HPR series offers flexible, robust and secure connectivity, and the latest series are optimised for rail industry requirements. Han® 24 HPR EasyCon and Han® HPR enlarged housings make use of the proven Han-Modular® inserts and are compatible with the whole of the extensive range, including more than 50 high-current, signal and network modules in countless combinations.

The packing density of the new series is increased by a full 33 percent over previous models in the range. The new frames can handle eight Han-Modular® single modules (instead of the previous maximum of 6).

The choice of housing will depend on the application. The Han® HPR enlarged housing is distinguished by its impressively compact external dimensions. However, for applications calling for ease of assembly Han® 24 HPR EasyCon housing is first choice, with a two-part housing and abundant cable space. This housing also offers the capability to add additional customer-specified elements for strain relief or cable shield connection.

The new frames can also use the recently announced Han® HC Modular 350 earthing contacts which can help maximise previous investments and provide ease of assembly. Termination techniques available for use are axial screw, crimp and screw termination. Therefore customers can connect the PE contact with the same termination technique used for other contacts.

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