Wednesday 1 June 2016

Fieldbus power supply with integrated FF H1 diagnostics.

ISbus fieldbus power supplies from the 9412 range from R Stahl, provide flexible diagnostic capabilities for the Foundation Fieldbus H1 as a standard feature: they continuously monitor physical layer parameters such as voltage and current, signal level, noise, jitter and shield shorts (unbalance).

Such helpful information is not readily available otherwise – though modern fieldbus-capable sensors and actuators are able to provide a variety of diagnostics, components such as fieldbus power supplies, cables, device couplers and terminators usually lack this capability. Thanks to the integrated advanced diagnostic functionality of ISbus 9412, it is possible to avoid the installation and maintenance costs and effort special systems and software packages for such diagnostics would incur. The easiest way to access measured values of a fieldbus power supply is to use the free ISbusDiag app on an Android smartphone or tablet, which merely requires a simple cable connection of the mobile device and ISbus 9412 module. Without the need for any further settings, the app then displays physical layer data of the segment, the bus address of the fieldbus device with the worst values and, in the event of a fault, a plain text message. By keeping diagnostics off the fieldbus itself, the fieldbus power supply completely rules out potential negative effects like bouncing or short circuits that can otherwise be caused by connecting handheld devices on the bus.

In addition to displaying data on a tablet or smartphone, ISbus fieldbus power supplies also allow for pro-active monitoring of the physical layer with an adjustable warning limit and signalling via three colour LEDs (traffic light function) and a relay contact (9412 / *-320-* modules). An extra device, the 9415 DCM (diagnosis communication module), can also be deployed in order to create a powerful online diagnostics system. A DCM transmits all physical layer data from up to eight segments through a freely selectable H1 segment to the control system and higher-level plant asset management. Evaluation and alarm management takes place via an EDD or a DTM. Detailed information about scalable ISbus diagnostics solutions is available in the playlist "R. Stahl scalable fieldbus solution" featured on the R. Stahl YouTube channel.

 • Stahl products are marketed in Ireland through Douglas Controls & Automation.

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