Friday 3 June 2016

Position sensors.

ZF Electronic Systems Pleasant Prairie LLC (formerly CHERRY Industrial Solutions) has  two new sensor products. 

The new sensor products consist of a Linear Position sensor (LIN Series), as well as another angle position sensor (ANG series) to complement the existing sensor line.  We were seeing a need in the market for a linear position sensor, particularly for applications with a wider air gap”, said Ryan Eder, Marketing Manager – ZF Electronic Systems.  “We are excited to bring this solution to our portfolio.  Additionally, while we have been successful with our current line of Angle Position sensors, our new ANG series sensor is even more compact in size.  We know design engineers will appreciate an even smaller sensor to work with”.

Currently ZF offers sensors in the following categories: Angle Position, Gear tooth Speed, Digital Vane, Magnetic Proximity (hall and reed) and Speed & Direction sensors.  The new Angle Position and Linear Position sensors are expect mid-year 2016.  This year also marks the debut of the ZF Energy Harvesting product line consisting of wireless switches that do not require batteries to operate. 

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