Wednesday 1 June 2016

How to customize a base model electric linear actuator.

Thomson Industries has released an educational video that offers design engineers advice and best practice tips on how to properly customise a base model electric linear actuator for a specific application.
“Linear actuators are packaged systems optimised for power density, size and performance, which means thrust, speed and life,” said Chad Carlberg, Product Line Manager for Linear Actuators at Thomson. “Base unit electric linear actuators use a specific motor paired with a set of gears in a gear housing, which is connected to a ball or acme screw assembly to convert rotary motion into linear motion.”

In the video, Carlberg describes the customisation of Thomson units, stating, “Each base model can be customised for a specified application. Gear ratios, motors and screw assemblies can be modular and matched up to provide an optimised, flexible solution.”

Thomson’s industrial linear actuators are designed to save a design engineer time and money through reduced maintenance, quick and easy installation, and by delivering superior performance. The Electrak product family provides robust, reliable performance with up to an IP69k environmental rating making them ideally suited for harsh environments.

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