Friday 29 January 2016

Universal DIN-Rail Mounting Kit for PSUs.

Excelsys Technologies has introduced a DIN-Rail mounting accessory for their innovative, high power density, single output and user configurable modular power supplies. The new mounting accessory facilitates easy mounting of Excelsys power supplies to a standard 35mm DIN-Rail and is compatible with the very successful Xgen, UltiMod and Xsolo product families.

The flexible, one-size-fits-all solution allows the power supply to be mounted vertically or horizontally on a DIN-Rail system. This allows customers to achieve higher power density, more outputs, greater flexibility and higher total power than typical DIN rail power supplies. The accessory consists of a custom bracket to fit Excelsys power supplies and a DIN-Rail clip from Hammond Manufacturing (part number 1427DIN75M). The custom bracket fits both 4-slot and 6-slot variants of the Xgen and UltiMod power supplies, as well as all Xsolo variants.

The DIN-Rail accessory requires 4 x M4 screws for mounting to the Xgen or Ultimod, or 4 x M3 mounting screws for mounting the Xsolo. All other fittings are included with the DIN rail clip. 

Dermot Flynn, Sales Director at Exclesys Technologies, comments, “We have very strong sales in the industrial power sector and expect our new Din-Rail mounting accessory to be welcomed by designers of building automation and industrial control systems who will now be able to take advantage of our feature rich, high reliability power supplies.”

Typical applications for Excelsys power supplies include industrial applications including test and measurement, automation, semiconductor production, robotics and printing and lasers, imaging and diagnostic equipment in the medical market. As a world-class power supply manufacturer, Excelsys has a global applications team to support and assist customers with their specific system needs.

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