Friday 29 January 2016

MES helps life sciences manufacturers move to production more quickly.

Emerson Process Management has enhanced the Syncade Suite manufacturing execution system (MES) to help life science manufacturers simplify the transfer of recipes and manufacturing information between project phases and system environments - from design through to validation and production. The new functionality automates the transfer of product recipes, material master information, and configuration settings, while also enabling users to archive the associated order execution information in a secure environment.

“Emerson continues to deliver strategies to help the life sciences industry quickly and accurately roll out projects without slowing the path to production,” says Michalle Adkins, Emerson life sciences consulting manager. “Using our enhanced functionality, project teams can eliminate the effort and errors associated with transcription effort.”

Time to market is critical in the life science industry. Implementing a product recipe typically requires time-consuming verification that the production system accurately reflects all the settings and configuration work implemented through the development and test process. With Syncade transfer and archive functionality, users achieve required accuracy and reduce rework by automating the transfer of information from the development environment, to the validation environment, and to the production environment.

In addition, the Syncade MES enables users to efficiently manage the archiving of orders, materials, and inventory data. Because archived information is stored in a database separate from the transactional database, users do not overload or slow down the database used for day-to-day operations. Current and past data can be searched and retrieved quickly.

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