Friday 8 January 2016

Four new eBooks.

Yokogawa have made four new eBooks available for download this year.

Modular Procedural Automation (MPA) eBook
Download this eBook and learn:
  • What Modular Procedural Automation (MPA) is and how you can implement it
  • How to identify MPA opportunities within your plan
  • How MPA improves operational consistency, resulting in improved safety, quality and higher throughput
Agile Project Execution eBook
Download this eBook and learn:
  • Why conventional project execution no longer works
  • How agile project execution lives up to the major changes in the industrial automation landscape.
  • How you can better execute industrial automation projects

Boiler Optimization Toolkit

Billions of dollars are wasted every year due to boiler inefficiencies and dangerous accidents. 

Get your free download of the Boiler Optimization Toolkit and learn how to get your boiler started quicker and reduce accidents and unnecessary costs.

The pH and ORP Handbook

Measuring pH/ORP is a common procedure, but taking a true measurement and making the correct interpretation of the results is not always easy or simple. Part of achieving accurate and reliable pH/ORP measurements requires sufficient and correct maintenance and storage conditions. 

Download this handbook to gain a comprehensive understanding of pH/ORP measurements, the construction of the sensing elements, how to achieve reliable results, and use cases in process applications.

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