Friday 15 January 2016

Integrating biometrics with operations management software.

By integrating Emerson’s Syncade Smart Operations Management Suite with Xyntek’s Biometrics Solution, users can simplify authentication, ensure the identity of the signer and the integrity of documents, and minimise the risk of credential theft. Biometric authentication such as iris, fingerprint, palm-vein, or voice scanning leverages the uniqueness of the individual to deliver faster sign-offs and better documentation while maintaining tight security.

“Users in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and other regulated industries need solutions that minimise the time personnel are spending on compliance activities but ensure they are still in compliance,” said Michalle Adkins, life sciences consultant with Emerson’s Industry Solutions Group. “Using the Xyntek biometrics solution with Syncade, companies can focus on their core manufacturing operations rather than paperwork.”

When a user needs to confirm a process step, an authentication window automatically opens in Syncade. If biometric scans are enabled, the Xyntek Biometric Solution compares the physical user biometric scan against stored biometrics data. Once the authentication is completed, the confirmation is added to the electronic record. Users can provide the required authentication without removing protective equipment or compromising quality. The solution also eliminates the risks and expenses associated with lost or stolen identification cards or passwords.

“Integrating biometrics into a manufacturing process makes it easier for the plant to ensure completion and traceability of regulated activities without disrupting operational workflow,” said Elliot Abreu, senior vice-president, Xyntek. “With this solution, meeting regulatory requirements such as 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for system security, user access, and electronic signatures is now a matter of ‘who you are’ versus ‘what you know’ and ‘what you have’. Companies that have implemented biometrics in their manufacturing processes have realised cost savings by replacing typical username and password entries with a quick and simple scan, reducing the level of IT support required.”

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