Wednesday 13 January 2016

Success with MES.

Aegis was chosen over a number of other MES providers, both local and international, as Huabel’s MES provider after a lengthy and detailed selection process. Huabel chose Aegis for their professional service, mature technology and clear delivery terms, providing them with the lowest risk solution.

Huabel previous experience with MES had been unsuccessful and this, combined with their own in-house software reaching the limit of its capabilities, led them to embark on a detailed search for the right MES provider. This decision is part of a lean manufacturing philosophy that will help Huabel reduce waste and improve efficiency. 

“We found that Aegis is very strong in process control and management” said Vice President of Huabel’s Engineering Centre Division, adding, “During the bid, the whole Aegis team acted very professionally, boosting our confidence in choosing Aegis as our MES provider.”

Huabel will deploy FactoryLogix across their entire facility, which includes 31 SMT lines. Data will be collected via xLink, enabling reliable and efficient data processing. Huabel will roll out FactoryLogix throughout the enterprise including NPI, Material Logistics, Production, SMT Lines Management, Analytics, Dashboard Monitoring, and Integration with xLink and xTend, as well as inForce line terminals and scanners for fail-safe process interlocking and alarming.

The vast library of Aegis xLink adapters for leading machines transforms real-time and disparate data types into streams of standards-based data that Aegis servers inherently understand. Aegis xTend provides data exchange to ERP, PLM, time and attendance systems, workflow automation systems, and more.

The Project has an aggressive installation schedule that will deliver the benefits of FactoryLogix and return on investment quickly.

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