Wednesday 13 January 2016

Swimming pool flowmeter!

Blue-White’s engineers have taken the iconic F-300 Series flowmeters, for pipe sizes 1 ½” and 2”, and enhanced both the features and accuracy.

In addition to improved accuracy (+/- 5%) , these F-300 models now require far shorter pipe runs, making them more suited to installation in cramped equipment rooms. Also, Float “bounce” has been eliminated. New, high contrast red float comes standard with a magnet for use with alarm accessory, which detects flow/ no flow.

The NSF listing is in progress.

Additional F-300 features include: Easy to read dual scale (SCH40 GPM / SCH80 GPM for US PVC models), screen printed on both sides of the meter body; Acceptable for outdoor installations (direct sunlight okay); One piece, machined acrylic meter body, annealed for added strength and chemical resistance; ships with Stainless Steel clamps and gasket seal.

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