Tuesday 12 January 2016

Set Polarisation in Single-mode Fibres in a Targeted Manner.

In optical telecommunications and fibre sensor technology, it is often necessary to determine the polarisation of light in a fiber and influence it in a targeted manner in order to minimize polarisation-dependent effects, for example.

Laser Components offers the deterministic polarization controller PSY-201 PolaFlex™ from General Photonics that makes it possible to adjust the polarization of light in 9/125 μm single-mode fibres in a targeted manner. This is achieved through the combination of a polarisation controller and an inline polarimeter with sophisticated control algorithms. The PolaFlex™ modulates fluctuations in the input polarisation to achieve the desired and stabilised polarisation state at the instrument’s output.

It can also be used as a polarimeter to determine the current state of polarisation (SOP) and measure the degree of polarisation (DOP). As a polarisation synthesiser, it produces any state desired or runs preprogrammed polarisation traces on the Poincaré sphere. Alternatively, the PolaFlex™ can also be used as a polarisation scrambler.

The PolaFlex™ is used in optical transmission technology or fibre sensor technology to characterise the polarisation properties of optical components and receivers, to monitor the current state of polarisation, or to measure the polarisation extinction ratio.

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